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Learn the Basics

Piano may be one of the most difficult instruments to master but is extremely versatile. The internet is flooded with many piano lessons but not all offer a step by step guide to playing the instrument. When online lessons that are segregated according to the levels of difficulty, learning becomes relatively easy. You can check out Piano for All videos to experience the way of learning. There are some basics to be followed while playing the piano that every beginner will need to know before he starts playing. This article focuses on the basics of playing a piano.

All piano lessons, be it piano video lessons or books or any other medium for beginners, focus on aspects that have been detailed below

  1. The Music Staff refers to the four spaces and the five horizontal lines that actually determine the positioning of the notes. It can also be referred to as a map for the pianist since this indicates the keys that need to be pressed.
  2. The Middle C is the most important to know since this is the starting point in understanding where the other notes are located on the keyboard as well as the music staff.
  3. Once the Middle C is located on the keyboard and you also understand what the music staff is, it becomes easy for you to identify the other keys. You need to understand that all Cs are always on the left of the two black keys either you go up or down the keyboard. In order to identify the notes on both the music staff and the keyboard, there are only seven letters that you need to know and they include: C D E F G A B C.
  4. When you play the piano, there are two clefs that you use. The G clef or the Treble clef is played using the right hand. The F clef or the Bass clef is played using the left hand. Both the clefs can be found where the music staff begins.

Gaining a good understanding of the fingering techniques, the lingo (flats/sharps/naturals, dynamics, tempos, legato/staccato), intervals, major/minor scales, solfeggio, scale degrees, triads, primary chords etc could also be a part of the course or be a part of the subsequent levels of learning. Taking piano lessons from a reputed instructor or tutor may not be an affordable option for many. This is when piano videos and online music lessons come in handy. Piano videos provide a 360 degree learning experience since they offer an audio and visual enabled program.

A strong foundation can be laid by ensuring that you familiarize yourself with the clefs and music staff, by locating the Middle C and other keys. Once the basics are mastered, you can proceed systematically and sequentially to other aspects of playing the piano. With the variety in sources, there is greater access to piano lessons. Piano video lessons contain comprehensive detailing on each of these aspects and more which make learning Piano For All a relatively easy task.

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